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Template to Send to Car Dealers

The goal is to entice dealers to sign-up for the Automated Liberty Mutual Insurance Offers program that will enhance their insurance conversions while not creating new process in the dealership.

SUBJECT: Liberty Mutual Insurance – Dealer Program Enhancement Pilot Opportunity


[Dealer Contact Name],

I have exciting news from Liberty Mutual Insurance. We have been working on a new technology for Automotive dealers that significantly increases the current insurance program opportunity size and revenue for enrolled dealers. 

[Dealership name] has been selected to participate in the enhanced program pilot. It’s open to the first 15 stores that sign up and will be paid for by Liberty Mutual Insurance. The enhanced program will generate up to 10x more insurance opportunities per dealer each month. The huge increase is achieved with cutting edge automation and personalized insurance offers for customers at point of sale, after a qualified service visit, and on the vehicle’s anniversary date.

Participating dealers will receive a referral fee for each customer that completes an insurance application online or by phone. The enhanced program will increase revenue for dealers while providing more customers with insurance savings. 

All we need to enroll your store in the pilot is a signed agreement and DMS approval. The team at Liberty Mutual with work directly with our technology provider to add the enhancements to your account. The best part is that there is no training or management of your sales and finance teams, the new insurance program enhancements are fully automated.

[LMI Coordinator Name and Title], is available to meet and answer questions about pilot. Let me know a good time to schedule a quick call and answer questions.